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Solar Panel Fraud

Have You Been the Victim of Solar Panel Fraud?

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The prospect of saving money on electric bills while helping to save the planet has many people considering solar energy. At the same time, the rush to fill consumer demand has opened the door to many deceptive and fraudulent sales practices within the solar panel industry. Consumers need to beware unscrupulous solar sales companies and heed the warning signs of a solar panel scam.

Solar Panel Fraud Warning Signs:

How Can I Cancel My Solar Panel Contract?

For in-home solicitations and door-to-door sales, the law allows you to cancel your solar panel contract within three days without penalty or obligation. You may also be able to cancel your solar panel contract if the solar panel sales person made misrepresentations when they sold you the solar panels or if they committed an unfair trade practice.

If you were lied to by the solar panel company, the solar panels have damaged your roof, you are not saving as much on your power bill as the company promised, or you are simply tired of ugly solar panels on your roof, contact Connor Law today to get a FREE case evaluation by an experienced solar panel scam attorney.

Stuck in a Solar Panel Scam?

Contact Connor Law today for a FREE case evaluation by an experienced solar panel fraud lawyer and find out how we can help you.